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Mistah J <3

Who should I bring back? 

26 deviants said Tigerstep
17 deviants said Coldstar aka Coldwind



[ yes, yes, I'm in love with a mad man- I know. ] by Joker-Darling
[ yes, yes, I'm in love with a mad man- I know. ]
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But can ya blame me??
Here's some Brian Bolland fanart lol.
ANDDDDD I'm actually debating on dying my hair green. No, not a full on joker green, but like...a nice, cool refreshing mint green c: Mint ice cream green c:

[ Hiya Puddin. Miss me? ] by Joker-Darling
[ Hiya Puddin. Miss me? ]
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So I ain't gonna be as active as I once was but I am planning on postin more DC art, which I've stated before in previous posts c: Personally, I actually am startin to like the new 52's redesign of Harley. At first I didn't like it but now it ain't half bad lol. Plus her comic line really makes her out to be more of a psycho bitch which I love because I relate to lol.

Harley Quinn(C)DC Comics
[ Let's go to the beach!!! ] by Joker-Darling
[ Let's go to the beach!!! ]
Follow my blog on tumblr:
It's really crappy but I'm working on it cx
Anyways, here's Harls with a beachball

[ Coldwind - ShadowClan - TRE ] by Joker-Darling
[ Coldwind - ShadowClan - TRE ]
[ Name ] Coldkit || Coldpaw || Coldwind

[ Cold ] The reason to why his parents gave him this prefix was due to his cold appearance. Even when pleased, or happy; Coldstar always remained...well...cold. So the prefix suited him well.

[ Wind ] Whenever he makes an entrance, his presence is always known. He's like a gust of wind, which the Leader (at the time) noticed. Therefore, when he recieved his warrior name, he was given the suffix "wind".

[ Gender ] Male

Age ] 27 moons

[ Rank ] Warrior

[ Breed ] Turkish Van

[ Clan ] ShadowClan

[ Personality - ( Please note before reading that he has a mental disorder. It is not diagnosed, for he is a cat, but it's a big factor in his personality/character. ) Mental Disorder Psychopath —Also called: sociopath a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts ]

"I don't care about the risks, just do it and get it done." || Selfish & Stern || Coldwind has always been this way ever since he was a kitten. Being the only survivor from a litter of 4 still born kittens, he's always had a good life as a single child so that's why many cats become confused when they learn that he's greedy, selfish, and most of all- rude. However, many other cats admire him for this trait, for he gets done what needs to be done almost immediately, but other cats...other cats hate him for this trait, partially because he never gets his paws dirty. No, he always convinces other cats to do his work. Patrolling, snow-clearing...the only things he actually takes part in with full cooperation is leading and lecturing inferior clanmates.

"Just leave me be! Everyone bugs me to the point of insanity and I'm done with it!" || Easily Stressed & Antisocial || If you see Coldwind storming off to the warrior's den with his claws clicking on the barren ground of ShadowClan's camp, he's most likely blown a fuse and resorted to his time of "isolation". To keep himself from lashing out at anyone, Coldwind always knows when enough is enough and whether or not to back off. Otherwise he will lash out and the results are never pretty. much as he wishes to control his temper...he just can't. It's something deep within him that tears at his soul, making him the monster he appears to be in situations of heated tension and conversations. Furthermore, when in his time of "isolation", he's been known to spend up to 3 days without socializing; trying to rid of his stressed emotions and become sane again.

"Why are you crying? You're going to ruin the den with those tears. Take it outside or stop. Your choice, darling." || Lack of Sympathy || He doesn't have an exact reason to why he's He often say's it was because of his father, but his father was a sweet tom cat with a kind soul and a humorous personality. So was his mother. But as for's quite obvious he gained the somewhat unoticeable negatives from the two of them, and let it be that one of those negatives just happened to be a lack of sympathy. What's even worse about this trait though is the delivery of his un-sympathetic words. Due to his rudeness, he always sounds just...just plain cold. Plain hurtful. And he doesn't mean to be, not at all, but it's just like his temper. Something deep within his just doesn't allow him to feel guilt...or sympathy...or remorse. And something deep within him doesn't allow him to be nice...or kind...but years after trying to be something he wasn't, years after trying to be fakely considerate and understanding, he's just given up. Like he often says "to hell with it and everything else!"

"If it means all that much to you, I'm sorry. I truly am." || Fake || To make those around him feel better after being in an arguement, he has to force himself to step up, be the bigger man, and lie. He feels no remorse for this too, if you're wondering. He knows that he must spend a good quantity of his life with those closest to him, whether in ranks or relationships, so that's why he must compromise and be fakely sorry in order to maintain peace with himself and his clanmates. When being fake though...a part of him always wonders how he would feel if he truly meant it. Yet, he usually shrugs off this idea and continues with his lies.

"What's a little thing like you doing all out by her lonesome? Surely you'd like some company...mind if I join you?" || Charming || Now this tom...he knows his way around a she-cat. Aside from his sharp tongue, rude nature, and unremorseful thoughts; he's very charming. With a tainted British/Australian accent, he often uses the terms "darling, dear, and doll". Usually he uses this trait for gaining higher power, like perhaps charming other clan members in rival clans, yet he also uses this trait to take advantage of unwise/naive she-cats to "reduce" his stress. He's the devil of charm, and it's best that you make yourself aware of that.

"You may think you know me, but trust me, you don't know anything about me." || Secretive || Coldwind tends to hide his true emotions/thoughts. It's a daunting task, for many times he aches to reveal his true anger, but if he does- it could lead to the downfall of himself. He believes that if he reveals his weaknesses, his bottled up emotions, cats will lunge at the first opportunity of knocking him off his high horse. So basically, he's protecting himself. He doesn't care about other cats in his clan, no, he only cares about himself and the power he's working towards to own. It's a sociopath related personality trait, but in the end, it does help him. Being secretive allows him not to draw attention to himself, which he is thankful for. 

"My intelligence is far superior to yours. No need to be hurt, it's just a natural known fact, doll." || Arrogant & Intelligent || Last but not least, this is about the most arrogant tom cat you've ever seen. Or heard. He will compare himself with another tom, only to make that tom walk away in shame. He likes to feel dominant and powerful and he's always seen with his white cheek fur groomed into beautiful cascading white locks that frame his face. His head is always held high, and although being rather insensitive and unremorseful; he also shares a high IQ. Coldwind is very sly, cunning, and manipulative when it comes to his intelligence. He uses his looks and his brains to get what he wants when he wants it.

[ Exterior ]

[ Voice - An alluring British accent with a tint of Australian. Voice actor/actor would most likely be Hugh Jackman. However, his voice often lies flat; very cold with no emotion. ]
[ Fur & Tail- His fur is white but his undercoat is a light, light gray. In the sun, his fur shines silver. Under the moon, the darkness from the undercoat often makes him appear gray. His tail is dark gray but blends into it's black tip. His tail his fluffy, often used as a pillow when tired. His fur is silky and smooth and cold to the touch. His beard is always perfectly symmetrical and he will claw anyone who dares to touch it. ]
[ Eyes- His eyes are as cold as his heart. He usually has them narrowed, only the slits of his eyes showing. He often carries a stare of disapproval, sending a chill down any cat's spine. If he opens his eyes all the way, his intimidating blue eyes can make the strongest of warriors fear him. His eyes are a strong tool in his intimidating exterior. ]
[ Scent- His scent faintly smells of copper blood and rose petals. He believes rose petals can drown the scent of his prey's blood due to the fact that he over-kills his prey. ]
[ Build- Strong & tall. His stance is very intimidating. ]

[ Sexuality ]

[ Orientation - Straight ]
[ Prefrences- ( He's not looking for a mate right now ) Although he is a tom with an eye for your average dolled-up pretty kitty; he doesn't exactly know what kind of girl he's looking for in the long run. He likes she-cats who can keep him in check with reality and she-cats who can also reduce his stress and antisocial behavior. However, he also needs a she-cat who can deal with his insensitivity and lack of understanding towards...well...your basic emotions. Loyalty, beauty, and humor are also important for him, as well as intelligence, but the thing is...he's a box of mixed ideas upon his "perfect" she-cat. And the problem is...when he finds his soul mate, he'll most likely push her away before he realizes how valuable she may be to him. So another key quality he needs in a she-cat, whether he knows it or not, is hope, faith, and positivity. ]
[ Looks- He likes silver pelts, light brown pelts, and black pelts with either faded blue/silver eyes. He's really not that picky, but if it's a she-cat he's looking at in the long run; she must have an appearance quality that he likes. ]
[ Looking For- One Night Stand | Quick Fling | Lasting RelationshipDoesn't Know | Not Looking ]
[ Attractions-  ]

[ History ]
he's a little prick who became a bigger prick when he got older

[ Family ]
Mother - Sweetdew
Siblings - Fawnspring
Grandmother & Grandfather - Beargrowl | Larkfeather

Father - Blacktail
Siblings - Iceshade | Nimblestep | Poppypetal
Grandmother & Grandfather - Whitestar | Icefeather

[ Relationships ]

:bulletorange: || Mentor
:bulletpurple: || Family
--- || Dead

:bulletwhite: || Unsure - Acquaintance
:bulletblue: || Friend
:bulletgreen: || Best Friend
:bulletyellow: || Crush - Attraction 
:bulletpink: || Love
:bulletred: || Discomfort - Fear

[ Role Play Example ]
{ Tigerstep - TBT } "Well it seems as if you were in the wrong," Tigerstep stated with a rather matter-of-fact tone. She could sense her motherly instincts slowly removing her harsh-like ways...but, if she were in the same position as the WindClan Queen, hell, she'd leave a lot more than a few facial scars. Gazing to her mate, she licked the side of his cheek affectionately. "You never touch a mother's kits," and with a humorous smirk, she purred ,"at least you wear the scars well."

Turning away to lay her head sideways to his flank, she then furrowed her gaze. This whole ordeal- it made her question his...well...parenting. When he would become a father, of course. What if a kitten got on his nerves? Surely he wouldn't...kill it? Harm it? Hurt it? She blinked her amber orange eyes. Why would I even dare to think like this..., she thought to herself silently.
Her fur was bristling, her petite muscles were eagerly tense...did she not feel safe around Tigersun? Anymore, at least? With a blank-eyed stare, she huffed a sigh and forced herself to close her eyes and relax.

Stop it.

{ Gretchen - WOT } It smells so clean in here...Gretchen thought to herself, as the smell of the doctor's chambers had an aroma of cleaning aids and sterile steel tools. She couldn't remember the last time she was in an aid facility. Then she was her mother's death that had summoned her to a doctor's chamber.

Before she could even understand what was taking place, herbs were stuffed into her mouth without warning. Well, of course the man may've warned her, but she was no better than a deaf and blind person right now. All she could actually do was smell, and think. However, she chewed the igredients. She chewed them, forcefully commanding herself to swallow the vile herbs.

Huh. It actually had a nice t- and before she could even finish that thought, she sat up rapidly, and threw up into the bucket- her eyes jolting open as she coughed mutiple times afterwards. Her golden hair curled in locks to frame her sickened face as she continued to try and vomit all the herbs out of her system.

Once she was done, she continued to cough, only to roll onto her side on the flimsy bed- her shadowed blue eyes meeting the king's green gaze. She tried to think of something clever to say...perhaps humorous...but all the pirate could choke out was a ,"thank you." And, although it pained her to say those words, she had to face the reality- he did save her. But why?

"T-thank you...," she murmured again, turning her gaze away as she rolled onto her back.


. by Joker-Darling[ shhh id photoooo ] by Joker-Darling
Hiya!!!! My name is Kat c:
Now let's see what you probably need to know before you talk to me...hmm...oh, here's a good one: I'M A BATMAN COMIC BOOK NERD. Yep. But more than anything, I'm in love with a green haired psychotic maniac <333 What can I tell ya? The guy just did it for me. And yes, I really did just say that. I quoted Harley. That's how much of a loser I am lol. Okay, but being serious for a second, I'm your all around typical teen when I'm not nerding out over cosplay, comic cons, or Mistah J. I'm 16, single, and lovin it <3333


BUT...hey, if you wanna talk, you just gotta send me a message c: I don't bite. I swear <3 c;


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